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Use of your Personal Information
Apartman Berka is comitted to protecting your privacy. The required information will be used to provide services you have requested such as making a reservation or any other information connected with your travel. We are comitted not to sell, share or offer these information to the third party. The collected demographic information will be accessible to our media partners, professionals and advertisers. This has nothing to do with any personal information which enable the possible individual identification. In order to provide you with the special service we may cooperate with the third party. Only on you personal request of such services , will the third party have access to you name or some other information, necessary to provide the mentioned service . The third party will be allowed to use your personal information only in order to provide the requested service. The information will be used according to the rules valid at the moment of the collection of information and respecting your privacy.


Reservation Form
The user of our Internet pages is requested to fill in the reservation form. During the reservation the user will provide the contact information (name, telephone no., address, date of birth and his/her e-mail address). We use these information in order to get into contact with the user. The information collected will be used exclusively to provide the service, deliver the document and will be accessible to our partners only to provide the service, i.e. to hotels, travel agents,etc. Additionally, the sensitive personal information about payments ( such as a credit card number, etc.) are especially protected and accessible only to the banks, i.e. credit card companies in order to authorize the payment. 

Data Log
We use IP (Internet Protocol) addresses in order to analyze trends, to help improve the site, follow the user's access and collect demographic data. IP addresses are not connected with any personal information which makes the identification of the individual possible. 


These Internet pages are linked to other Internet pages. This Privacy statement refers exclusively to the information collected on this Internet pages. 


We are taking all the possible precautions in order to protect the user. The entering of the confidential data on these Internet pages is protected on-line and off-line. If we request from our user any confidential information in our registration form ( personal information) we protect it through the use of encryption, such as the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. While on the protected page the icon of the padlock in the bottom of the Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator is on, whereas during usual visits to our pages the padlock is off. Besides the encryptions and SSL protocol we do or best to protect the information off-line, too. The access to our users' information,not only the confidential information but all information , is limited. 
The agency's personnel will have access to confidential information in order to provide the requested service. 

Updating Personal information
If the user's personal information change (e.g. the postal code) or if the user declines our service, it is possible to correct, to update or to remove the user's personal information . This can be done by sending an e-mail at: apartmanberka@gmail.com

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